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There are different types of housing solutions. Depending on the territory and the idea you had in mind, you can choose between cabins, lodges, bell tents, yurts, glamping pods, huts and geodesic domes.
Furthermore, with our consultancy and thanks to a design created with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it will be possible to create a completely new, unique and avant-garde accommodation.

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Glamping in the world and in Italy

Although Italy is full of attractions and cities of art such as Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples or Verona, in recent years the accommodations that are enjoying the most success are far from the big cities. There is more and more talk of slow, green and sustainable tourism, which distances itself from mass tourism, of solo travel or travel with children and friends in search of authentic places, in contact with nature. Campsites located in northern Italy, in Tuscany, along the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, are among the most popular glamping locations, thus creating new opportunities for the market in Italy. If on the one hand only the summer months of July and August record the highest influx of tourists, a growing awareness emerges ever more clearly, especially among young people, that Italy is a valid destination to explore far and wide and from live all year round, with obvious positive effects on Glamping. [...]

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Glamping for families

The increase in disposable income has led to an increase in family holidays. In Europe they are increasing considerably, thus raising the demand for 4-person tents. With the growing number of glampings and the related durable and semi-permanent housing solutions, in 2019 the market was able to attract more and more consumers/users of glamorous camping stays. The market niche is characterized by the search for comfort and a considerable amount of complementary activities and services. Safari tents, tree houses, yurts and pods are the most common forms of accommodation because they can easily accommodate families and allow for generous living areas, with open spaces and designer furniture items, to enjoy the experience to the fullest, with fun and convenience. With the increasingly invasive presence of technology in our lives, outdoor activities have drastically reduced even among children. This is pushing to rediscover the time to devote to the exploration of nature, thus stimulating the demand for glamping especially among young families who have small children who otherwise could not take part in outdoor playful activities. Furthermore, stressful life in our cities is driving the demand for weekend getaways for urban campers. [...]

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Glamping industry overview

Glamping is a growing industry. Companies operating in the Glamping sector continually seek to improve comfort levels in line with the changing needs of consumers. The addition of spa treatments and personal services to campsites and retreats are increasing the revenue margin in the European glamping market. Consumers are constantly looking for opportunities to detach themselves from their digital frenzy in order to conquer those moments necessary to cultivate personal growth, harmony and well-being in general. The idea of vacation itself is evolving driven by the intensification of chronic health problems, attributed in part to the growing detachment from nature. The media pay much more attention to the sedentary lifestyle of modern consumers with its negative effects on health. Thus, wellness tourism is a rapidly growing segment in both developed and developing countries. The main players on the market are therefore constantly striving to improve comfort levels paying great attention to keeping up with the changing needs of consumers. The European glamping market is redefining itself, incorporating an energetic desire for well-being and comfort with respect for the natural environment. All this has created the conditions for a sustained growth of this new frontier of hospitality. [...]

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